Treat yourself to the
Freshest, tastiest greens

For the salad seeker in us all

Eating out can be tricky. Too junky, too slow, too expensive, too boring. 

Well, lettuce toss you some serious goodness!

Go with the flow, and order one of our chef-created recipes. Or personalise it. Want your salad in a burrito? No worries, we got you! 


Farm fresh greens and veggies, topped with a mouth-watering protein of your choice, and tossed in our award-winning dressing. 

Warm Bowl

Fresh greens, veggies, and protein, served on a warm grain base. Perfect for when you’re craving something warmer and heartier.


A delicious salad wrapped in a tortilla wrap. For when you’re on-the-go or if you just like things neatly wrapped up.


Chef-Created Recipes

Award-Winning Dressings


NEW Autumn Menu: Exploding Flavours!

🍅 Pesto Chicken Salad features the wildly popular Pesto Vinaigrette, perfectly balanced with tender roasted chicken, ripe cherry tomatoes and flavourful greens. 
🫚 Miso Crunch Salad mixes together warm roasted tofu with avocado, cucumber, red capscium and a medley of crunchy goodness. Tossed in the new Miso Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette. 
🌯 Last but not the least is the Pork Crunch Burrito. The slow-cooked, pulled pork is perfectly balanced with avocado and a crunchy medley, packing in a truly satisfying punch. 

NEW Burrito Menu

Our healthy and delicious burritos are not just your typical beans and rice–they’re a whole salad in a tortilla wrap! Think of it as a Greenstreat salad you can hold in your hand. 5 delicious items to choose from.  

Fast food to feel-good food

Brothers Jesse and Jackson visited farmer’s markets across the east coast to sell their family’s award-winning dressings. Everywhere they went, people were struggling with the same issue. Everyone wanted to be healthy and fit, but they couldn’t find ways to eat fresh greens in a quick, convenient way.

Jesse and Jackson knew they could reconnect people to the fresh food they craved. They made the ultimate life decision to start Greenstreat. 

The Rush

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“This is the way fast food should be. Unadulterated, fresh and healthy takeaway food. Quick service in an uncluttered space"
“Fabulous x 3. Very happy eaters. Too busy munching to take photos!"
“Healthy and great taste, too. Beautiful selection of salads with fresh ingredients. You can see and watch your salad being made."